I just got back from running out to get a bite to eat. The weather was so nice I decided to go for a walk around downtown Binghamton. Just a couple of blocks so I could enjoy the beautiful weather. I noticed there were a lot of people out walking around downtown as well. They were probably feeling the same way I was. It's been a long cold winter and you have to take advantage of days like this when you get them. My wife is out golfing today. I'm surprised she wasn't sending me pictures of the golf course all morning just to rub it in.

While I was walking at lunchtime, I noticed there were a bunch of Binghamton High School students walking around Court Street trying to decide where to get lunch. I wonder how many of them decided to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon? There were a lot of people in shorts out walking around as well. Upon my return to the radio station, the first thing I said to Debbi at the front desk, was that I was going downstairs to grab my desk and move that outside. I wouldn't get much work done, but I would enjoy the day and get some sun.

I hope whatever you're doing today to get a chance to get outside and enjoy this great weather because the WBNG Storm Track 12 forecast Is was calling for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow.

[via WBNG]

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