According to National Day Calendar (a site I'm a fan of), every day is some sort of 'National' day. Pretty much every day has several 'National' type days.

Today (July 5th) for example, is National Apple Turnover Day, National Hawaii Day, National Graham Cracker Day and National Bikini Day. This is no joke. Totally serious. Every day.

Now, this got to thinking, and you know I like to think as little as possible (strains the brain), we should come up with our own national days. If it's not already a thing, why not? Think about some of your favorite things. Would be something to be given it's own day? Absolutely.

For me, I think there should be a National Greyhound Day. And while we are at it, a National Whippet and National Italian Greyhound Day. I have a Whippet/Italian Greyhound mix, in addition to a Greyhound.How about a National Travel Trailer/Camper/RV Day? I would celebrate by spending the day at a campsite with my camper.

I also thought of a National Beer Day. It's already a thing. September 7th. Must mark that on my calendar. There is a place on the National Day Calendar website where you can register a day, but there are restrictions. Give it a shot. You might just get a day!

via National Day Calendar

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