My final vacation of the year is now in the history books. Okay, it's more like a distant memory in my head. Why does it seem that on the Monday following our vacation, it seems like those few days off were a long time ago, when in fact, it was just last week?

My vacation was a bit more adventurous than most, since I usually just head to camp, pull up a lawn chair and veg out for a week with a cold brew or two and a roaring campfire.

Last week, I celebrated another one of those annual birthdays that seem to occur on the same date (why is that), and one of my gifts was a new fire ring. My old one was ready to fall apart, so that was a nice surprise.

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During the end of my vacation week, my wife and I decided to attend a Greyhound reunion with the group we adopt our dogs from in Altoona, Pa. I figured it might be a slight challenge since we were bringing along our two Greyhounds and a Whippet, but nothing we couldn't deal with. Taking them on a 4 hour trip was going to be interesting, and the ride down and back was just fine.

And to add to that, we decided to spend the night before the reunion in a hotel with our three dogs. I was a bit nervous about that. Turns out the dogs (female Greyhound and male Whippet) that I thought would be a problem in a hotel room, were fine, but our male Greyhound who I thought would enjoy the change of scenery, was not as enthusiastic about the surroundings.

It was a rough night of very little sleep since he kept going to the hotel room door, wanting out. I can't count the times we took him out for a walk to hopefully get him tired out. And to add to the fun, the weather felt like we were in Florida, around 90 degrees, sticky and very muggy. It was like walking into a sauna every time we left our hotel.

At the reunion though, all three dogs had a great time, getting to mix with a lot of other Greyhounds as well. But, my wife and I decided that would be the last time we take a trip and book a room with our dogs. If there is another reunion, it's will be a ride down and back in the same day. Lesson learned.

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