It's the Camper shuffle. Ever heard of it? Well, if you ever owned a camper and a seasonal site at a campground, you may have been a part of one. To be honest, there really is no Camper Shuffle, name-wise. It's just something I made up, but the actions are real. Let me explain.

As someone who owns (okay, the bank stills owns it) a travel trailer, rather than tow it around to various campgrounds and parks, I keep mine year-round at a beautiful campground in the Endless Mountain region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I used to take my travel trailer out to other places to camp on weekends back when I had a tow vehicle, but I no longer own a tow vehicle. As for the Camper Shuffle, as I call it, toward the end of the camping season, you will find some seasonal campers leaving the campground for whatever reason.

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And that opens up sites for the taking, either from new people coming in for the next season or by existing campers who are looking for a different site to enjoy. I did that once at the campsite where I currently am and found what I call the best site at the campground.

It's interesting to watch the movement of campers from one site to another. But to get another newly vacated site, existing campers must submit their name for consideration. The owners also have to take into consideration the length of your camper or RV. Each site has a size limit.

The reason for submitting your name is because many times, more than one camper is looking at a newly emptied site. That normally would present a problem as to who gets the site, but fortunately, our campground goes by seniority.

Whoever has been at the campground the longest, gets the privilege of moving to the recently vacated site. I think that's a fair way to do it. So at this time of year, I enjoy watching the dance of campers from one site to another. Yea, I know that sounds weird.

And look, my next-door camp neighbor is moving to another site. I wonder just who my new neighbors will be. Guess I'll find out soon.

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