Christmas tree air fresheners. Many of us use 'em in cars. But, did you know they started right here in Upstate New York?

Little Trees is the name of the company (part of CarFreshner Corporation), which started in Watertown, New York. As the story goes, someone was complaining about the smell of sour milk in his delivery truck. Jonas Sämann fixed it by combining some fragrances onto a blotter. It worked so well, a product was born.

When he put the air fresheners on the market, he made them in the shape of evergreen trees, to commemorate the years he spent extracting aromatic oils from Canadian forests. It didn't take too long to take off, acording to the company's website:

Orders started rolling in from all over the country and quickly gained a strong international following. Julius’ pioneering product has become a global symbol of freshness and quality.

They've expanded to other products, such as spray bottles, and the trees now come in dozens of fragrances, including:

  • Royal Pine
  • Spice
  • Bouquet
  • Caribbean Colada
  • Vanillaroma
  • New Car
  • Black Ice
  • Bourbon

A few of the stranger ones are Fresh Shave, Moroccan Mint Tea, and No Smoking. You can browse all of the scents at By the way, the company is located on Little Tree Drive.

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