Last week I posted a picture of the tree we bought on Thursday night for our living room. Sunday we brought it in the house, put it in the stand, and stood it in the corner. Then Chris and I worked together to put the lights on it. I would spread the lights out in the tree as she walked behind me with the big spool of 600 lights. By the time we got we finished with the lights, I was ready to head down to the bar in my basement to start watching football. So for the first time since we got the house together in 2002, Chris started decorating the tree by herself.

We both have certain ornaments that we put on the tree. She has ornaments that date back to Christmas trees that her parents put up when she was a little girl. She always puts those on the tree, and I put my collectors ornaments that my mother got me years ago on the tree every year. Then there are a bunch of other ornaments that we have collected over the years that go on the tree. It doesn't matter who puts those on, just as long as they get on the tree.

Chris left the ornaments that my mother bought me off to the side so I can put those on the tree. There are about 30 ornaments that are left for me to put on the tree. I will probably put those on tonight.  Once I'm done putting my ornaments on the tree, she is in charge of putting the tinsel, or as some people call it icing, on the tree, and then tree number two will be completely finished.

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Every year we put up three trees in our house. Her parents old artificial tree from the mid-60s becomes the sports tree in the Freezone Bar and Grill in our basement. I put that up on Black Friday. The final tree that we will put up usually goes in our den in one of the windows. It is a 3 foot artificial tree that has had the same lights on it since I got it in 2000. We plug in the lights and then just have to put ornaments on it. Then Chris put the tinsel on last, and that will be done.

This 3 foot tree used to be decorated and set on a timer in Ian's room when he was little. After he outgrew having his own tree in his room, we decided to start putting it up in the den, and it is been there every year since.

We have all the other decorations down from the attic and out of their totes. Once the trees are all finished, we can move all the other decorations, nativity sets, and knickknacks around the house. You can always tell it's Christmas at our house, no matter where you look, you see something that has to do with Christmas. I I think it makes the house look very warm, cozy, and inviting.

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