Real or fake? Okay, let me be more specific. If you put up a Christmas tree in your home or business, or whatever place, do you prefer a real tree or one of those plastic made to look like real trees?

The Cornell University Media Relations Office recently reported that live trees are still available in New York State, but that you may have to know where to look since there's been a shortage across the country and prices are higher as well.

Elizabeth Lamb, a plant breeding expert and a senior extension associate with the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s New York State Integrated Pest Management Program states:

“Is there a shortage of fresh New York grown Christmas trees this year? The answer may be ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. New York state is blessed with a vigorous Christmas tree industry, mostly selling trees as ‘choose and cut’ while some have precut trees available at the farm or at sites in cities. There are trees still available – which is good news for those of us who tend to get a tree closer to Christmas."

But she adds that some tree selling operations may be closing earlier this year due to record sales. Cornell Cooperative Extension suggests you take a look at the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York’s Farm Locator to help find tree farms in your area.

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Growing up, we always had a real tree. Like most families in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up, it was a fun tradition to go out and find that perfect Christmas tree. We either got ours from land that we or one of our relatives owned, or we would bypass the long walk into the woods and visit a local place selling trees.

I liked the trip to get a tree. I have never enjoyed decorating and undecorating the tree. You know the dreaded command from the parents to place that reusable silver tinsel one at a time on the tree and make sure it looks good, not a clump of silver here and there.

I continued the tradition of getting a real tree for many years into my adulthood, but over the past couple of decades, I decided a fake tree would be much easier. Especially those that come pre-lit. This year, I even have one that's flocked, although the stuff that is on the tree to look like snow tends to fall all over the floor. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Real or fake, I hope you find that perfect tree and happy holidays!

via Cornell Cooperative Extension NYS Integrated Pest Management Program

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