I officially wore my first short sleeve shirt to work this morning! As I left my house the temperature was 45 degrees, but will be above 60 by the time I leave work.

Cue the celebration!

It's been a really crappy winter, with sub zero temperatures making many of us believe it would never get warm again.

Well it's mid-April and we're just starting to see some steady 60 degree weather in Upstate New York.

My yard is too soggy to work on right now, but soon I'll be mowing, raking and landscaping, in preparation for summer activities like BBQ's and such.

One thing you can do this time of year is get outdoors and breath in the fresh air. Go for a walk in the park, walk the trails, or even your favorite pathways.

I also find myself taking my first look at what winter has done to my house and property. I make a list of things I'll need to do, like cleaning the gutters, picking up tree branches, and other types of shrubbery and debris that have been buried under a foot of snow.

Also I'll finally get a chance to clean out the inside of my car, which is something that you don't do in minus 20 degree wind chills.

Get the grill ready by filling the propane tank, cleaning the burners and grids, and hey, I might even fire it up and give it a test run!

Spring is here and all I can say is, it's about freaking time!

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