In honor of dear ole' pops and the fact that Father's Day is this Sunday, we thought that it would be fun to share ten things that you'll probably never, ever hear your dad utter.

  • leungchopan

    "How did I feel when you wanted to play the violin instead of playing football? I won't lie, I was super ecstatic!"

  • vadimguzhva

    "You want to drop out of college to be a street musician? Awesome! I'll buy you a brand new harmonica!"

  • ThinkStock

    "You're absolutely right, the NFL RedZone IS taking me away from spending time with the family on Sundays. I'll definitely cancel it right away. "

  • John Howard

    "Even though you're 30-years-old, still live in my house and eat all the food in my fridge, it's all good I'm proud to call you my namesake."

  • 8213erika

    "There's absolutely no way I can build that. Why? Because I don't have enough tools and I don't have enough experience tinkering with things."

  • Castort

    "Nope. I didn't spot that classic car in my rear-view window and you can bet I'm not going to crane my neck to look over my shoulder so I can check it out as it passes us. "

  • joebelanger

    "I think instead of trying to fix this, I should just call a professional."

  • Rauluminate

    "You'll never catch me wearing a pair of Dockers! "

  • ronstik

    "No beer for me, thanks. I actually find the game of football more enjoyable to watch when I'm sober than when I've thrown back a couple."

  • Dirk Ott

    "Dark socks with sandals? Oh, yeah- I always get TONS of compliments when I pair the two!"