The Binghamton Mets new owner and staff have done an amazing job making a visit to NYSEG Stadium an awesome experience. From the promotions to the great food and affordable costs, it's a fantastic way to enjoy a minor league baseball game. Now if the weather would cooperate!

One of the promotions set in place, was a 'name the team' project, where fans could submit a nickname to replace 'Mets' and give it more of a local feel. Great idea!  According to our sister radio station, 1290 WNBF, over 1500 names were submitted, with the idea of reflecting on the Binghamton area.

Team management recently announced the six finalists - The Bullheads, Timber Jockeys, Gobblers, Stud Muffins, Rumble Ponies and Rocking Horses. While I respect the local references, not sure if I can warm up to these choices.

I've heard and read a lot of comments on these suggestions, but few that were positive. Shame on me for not submitting a suggestion, and then commenting on it I suppose, but could there be some better names, or am I looking too much into it?

Other Eastern League teams have some good local connection to their nickname. For example, the Altoona Curve refers to their rich railroad history and the famous mountainside track curve. The Portland Sea Dogs makes sense. Dogs are tough, and the city is on the Atlantic Ocean. The Harrisburg Senators refer to the city as the capitol of Pennsylvania.

But then, there are the  Akron Rubberducks,Hartford Yard Goats and the Richmond Flying Squirrels.A bit odd, and I'm not sure what they represent, so maybe our six choices are just fine.

Your thoughts?
You can vote for the name you like best, now through October at