What is Crossfit? Well, if you had asked me that question a few months ago, I'd probably guess it had something to do with archery. You know, crossbow and arrows, and being fit to do it. What do I know?

According to Askmen.com, it may be a great alternative or addition to your current workout. Crossfit combines aerobics, gymnastics and weight training. Sounds like a good workout to me, and could be a good alternative to what you are (or are not) doing right now.

Askmen.com breaks it down in several categories, including community, coaching, and intensity, among other benefits. Check out the article and see what you may be missing.

Now if you'd like to try it out firsthand, you are in luck! A crossfit routine will be a part of our Hot Cross Run event this Saturday at Otsiningo Park, Binghamton. You'll also get to experience Yoga and a two mile run. Click below for all the details and pre-register today for Hot Cross Run!

[via Askmen.com]

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