When I first heard about this, I was a bit confused. This is something never heard or seen in the Binghamton area before, so of course it sounded strange.

I'm talking about our next live event - Hot Cross Run. The run part sounded obvious, since we all know what that is, but where does the Hot Cross part come in?

To answer those questions, Hot Cross Run is a combination of three events rolled into one big event. The Hot part is Hot Yoga, Cross is Cross-Fitness, and Run means a 2 mile run. Both Yoga and Crossfit routines are 15 minute sessions.

So, you can participate in one, two or three - your choice. Not sure if any of these work for you? That's where I suggest you try something new! We have professionals to guide you through these events.

For Yoga, you'll be with Bikram Yoga Binghamton, for Cross-Fitness, it's Southern Tier Crossfit and for the 2 mile run, it's Confluence Running.

Hot Cross Run will be at the beautiful Otsiningo Park in Binghamton Saturday June 18th, beginning at 10am. Get pre-registered now! Click on the button below and we'll see you at the park!