What's the big deal? why is everyone so in love with CrossFit? Well... Rick Daniels and I found out pretty quick, and I'm still sore!

At Southern Tier CrossFit, they really push you to your limit, and it couldn't be better. I have to admit, I wouldn't push myself as hard as they can, and have. It's a great program with a built-in motivator - people are watching you succeed or fail! I suppose it's a good fit for me as well, since I'm a veteran, and I'm particularly motivated in groups.

Now that you better understand Crossfit, why not give it a try? Sample a Crossfitroutine, as well as Hot Yoga (Bikram), and a two-mile run at Hot Cross Run on June 18th! This event is being held at the Otsiningo Park, and will start at 10am.  To participate, click below to register!

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