Let me start off by saying, I know that transvestites have been around for years. Men who dress like women complete with makeup and high heels. Back in the day, you could always pick them out. Today, it's not so easy. There are guys that compete in cross-dressing competitions and from a distance, they look just like women. That's where the definition of passable comes from when men can pass as women. This morning I found a Strange But True story on the Daily Mail's website. The story was about the Miss Virtual Kazakhstan Contest where a 22-year-old male, posed as a woman and beat out some 4,000 women to reach the last stage of the competition. In the final round, he shocked the judges by revealing he was a man.

It boggles my mind that the judges had no idea that Ilay Dyagilev was a male competing at a female. Do they not have swimsuit competitions over in Kazakhstan? How did he hide his Adam's apple from the judges? On the Daily Mail website, you can see pictures of him both dressed as a woman, and as he does every day.

Be honest, would you be able to tell it was a guy?

[via The Daily Mail]
It reminds me of this from Autsin Powers

[via You Tube/Hamma 1973]

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