This morning we wrapped up our Food A Bago 2017. This year's outpouring has been overwhelming. From all the shopping cart challenges, to all the single donations, as well as the monetary donations, you guys have stepped it up once again to help CHOW feed the hungry in our area.

I'm being told that this looks like it has been the most successful food drive that we have ever done. They usually judge it by weight and tonnage so we won't know the official amount for a while, but just by looking at it the donation pile, it is so much bigger than it has been in the past. We want to thank each and every person that made a donation no matter how small and no matter how big. All the businesses and even the nonprofit organizations that stepped up with the shopping cart challenges. We couldn't have done this without any of you guys.

If you still want to donate you can, Just stop by chow and make a donation or look for CHOW barrels in your favorite grocery stores. We want to thank the Weis for letting us loiter in their parking lot for a week. We also would like to thank Hillcrest RV for supplying the RV that kept us warm and allowed us to do our broadcast from out there, live on location. A special thank you goes out to Gary's U-Pull-It and Music For The Mission for their sponsorships of the event.

With all the ugliness in the world, it is great to see this outpouring of support for the needy right here in our area. Check out the video below. And this wasn't all, we also raised a lot of money and we had an SUV full of food show up after we shot this video.

Thanks again and God bless.


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