It's that time of year again, time for our annual Food-A-Bago. It's a food drive to help CHOW feed the hungry in the Southern Tier. Starting Monday, we will be in an RV courtesy of Hillcrest RV, in the Weis parking lot on Upper Front Street in Binghamton. We ask that you do what you can to help us, help CHOW to feed our brothers and sisters right here in town. All the food stays local and you never know who might be struggling.

I've been doing food drives for years. And by working with people that work at the food distribution points, a lot of the people that go there to get help are not necessarily homeless or the very poor. Some people just found themselves down on their luck. Some of them had medical issues, followed by a problem like a car issue, and then they were forced to choose between paying the electric bill we're putting food on the table for their Children. It's a situation that you or I could find ourselves in, in the blink of an eye.

If you can pay your bills, buy groceries, and still have some money left over, you're doing better than a lot of people that depend on CHOW. I'm a firm believer in paying it forward and counting my blessings. I always donate when we have a food drive, and I would ask you to do whatever you can to help. Every little bit helps. A can of vegetables that might be on sale for $0.49, could go towards someone's dinner, and keep a kid from going to bed hungry.

Please do what you can to help us. Thank you.

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