Our annual Food-A-Bago Food Drive for Broome County CHOW has come to a close. This was our 21st year handing out in a camper in a parking lot of a grocery store, asking for food and monetary donations.

For someone who is not familiar with Food-A-Bago, that may sound a bit odd, but our community knows exactly what it's all about and has responded in kind with a huge amount of donations to help families in the Broome County area.

Last year, during the pandemic, we didn't know how well things would turn out, but we were pleased with the amount of non-perishable food and monetary donations. And this year, we were amazed at the amount of both donated.

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For many years, we filled the camper with food, but a couple of years ago, decided it would be better to fill one of those large Broome County CHOW trucks instead. Turns out,l that was a great idea, and it helps the staff at CHOW to collect and sort all the food our community has donated.

Thousands of dollars were donated by so many people and organizations. As we mentioned many times, for every dollar donated, Broome County CHOW can create five meals. Multiply five times thousands of dollars, and you realize just how many meals will be created, so families can have food on the table during the holiday season.

What really moves me each year as we greet each person who stops by to donate food or money, is when I see the compassion on their face and when they thank us for doing such a great service to help out our community.

In reality, it's not our staff who are the heroes, although I am very grateful for their time and hard work each day at Food-A-Bago, the heroes are those who stop by to give what they can. They are the ones giving local families in need, a ray of hope and food on their table.

So, from our staff at Townsquare Media Binghamton and Broome County CHOW, we thank you for being a hero for our community.


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