Day 3 (Wednesday November 1, 2023) of our annual Food-A-Bago food drive for Broome County CHOW turned out to be a good day, albeit a snowy day. And we mean SNOWY in the early afternoon with some heavy snow squalls.

We had to find a snow brush from one of our radio station vehicles to sweep of snow off our banners and the steps and windows of the Oliver's camper as well. But none-the-less, the inclement weather didn't deter people from stopping by to drop off non-perishable foods and monetary donations to go toward heling families in need in our communities.

That shows the passion our community has for it's own, stepping up to help those in need. We would like to thank some of the fine folks who stopped by on the first day of November, day three of our annual Food-A-Bago food drive for Broome County CHOW.

By the way, this year we have continued the Shopping cart Challenge. basically, you fill a shopping cart full of non-perishable food for Broome County CHOW, and challenge someone else, like a friend, family, co-worker, businesses, etc.,  You get it. For example, see the photo below.

Old Union Hotel
Traci Taylor

Thanks to Walter, Barb, Clifford, Ron, Joanne, Gene, Deborah, Tom, Brenda, Lisa, Mary Beth and our friends from Vestal Plumbing & Heating among others for their donations on Wednesday. It was a good day.

But, we still have plenty of space in the Broome County CHOW truck to fill with non-perishable food. See those empty bins in the truck, below? Yea, we need to fill those up before we lave on Monday morning, November 6th.

Food-A-Bago 2023

Townsquare Binghamton radio personalities are on hand Thursday and Friday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After hours, you can simply drop off any food items in the CHOW barrels set up in front of the Oliver's Camper. We are located in the parking lot of the Weis Food Market, 1290 Upper front Street, Binghamton. It's easy to spot us with a large CHOW tuck and a camper in the middle of the parking lot!

Cash donations are great, and if you wonder what types of food to bring, well, non-perishable to begin with. Think of a complete meal for a typical family setting. Pastas, canned and boxed foods, baby formula, condiments, juice boxes and sauces (in plastic containers, not glass), to name a few items.

We'll see you soon at the 2023 Food-A-Bago food drive for Broome County CHOW!

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