Today is day two of our Whale Food-A-Bago. It's taking place at the Weis on Upper Front Street in Binghamton. We're trying to fill the RV, courtesy of Hillcrest RV, with non-perishable food items to give the food to CHOW to be distributed to the hungry here in Broome County. Being up here yesterday and today, I got to see first hand the generosity of the people from our area. And that is awesome! But, we are a long way from the Finish Line. If everybody did just a little bit we would be able to wipe out hunger here in Broome County for a long time to come. Some of the items needed include; can soup, canned fruit, canned vegetables, tuna, cereal, pasta, canned chicken, pretty much any kind of non-perishable food item.

The statistics are staggering. Broome County currently requires 4.8 million pounds of food to solve hunger. CHOW and its partners are only able to meet 60% of that need. CHOW distributes about two million pounds of food every year here in Broome County. Cash donations are also accepted. Chow can use $1 to purchase for meals or about 7 lb of food. So please, do what you can even if you can only donate a dollar. Our food drive goes through next Monday up here at the Weis on Upper Front Street in Binghamton.

You can always do a Shopping Cart Challenge like the one in the video below.

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