I was working on two stories for Strange But True this morning and thought both of them are kind of ironic and moronic at the same time.

We'll start with the drunk driver that flipped his car. A 57 year old guy named Steven DeWitt from California was driving drunk Wednesday on a highway, when he hit a road sign, drove up an embankment, and flipped his car. The sign he hit said; "Report Drunk Drivers, Call 911. That's according to NBC 8 in Santa Cruz. You can check out pictures of the car and the sign on the NBC 8 website.

The second strange but true from this morning was about a 23 year old guy in Connecticut named Marcus Colon. He just finished up serving nine months in jail for larceny. As he was walking out of the jail, the guard who was escorting him told him "don't come back". Colon responded by spinning around and punching the guard. NewsTimes reported that other guards pepper sprayed him and ushered him right back to his cell.
What is wrong with people?

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