Well, it happened again. Every day I have Strange But True stories throughout Freezone in the Morning here on 99.1 the whale. A lot, if not all of them, involve stupid people doing stupid things. For example; if you are doing something illegal, like transporting drugs in your car and you are speeding, you are begging to get in trouble and maybe end up being talked about on my show. That happens a lot. And it happened again with this man.

A guy from Florida was driving in his SUV at a high rate of speed and was pulled over by the police. According to Villages-News.com, the police report noted that the man was acting nervous and had a hard time swallowing. The officer asked him to open his mouth. When he did the police officer reported seeing his tongue green, and some leafy substance on his tongue and his teeth. It turns out the man tried to eat the marijuana that he was transporting.

Follow the link to his picture and tell me he is not stoned off his but in the picture.

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