1973. We keep coming back to that year. Besides my exit from high school (yes, I did graduate) in 1973, so much amazing music came out during those 365 days. It was such a popular year in music, we decided to highlight all that great rock-n-roll this weekend with hourly double-shots.

One of the great albums to emerge in 1973 (on this date - July 6th) included Steely Dan's 'Countdown to Ecstasy.' It was the follow-up to their first release - 'Can't Buy A Thrill' which came out in 1972. Steely Dan continued their success with 1974's 'Pretzel Logic.'

Obviously, in the early 1970's Steely Dan (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker) was at the top of their game. Bodhisattva, Show Biz Kids and My Old School were great songs from the album but didn't fare too well on the U.S. charts.

Check out this version of My Old School from a Steely Dan performance many years ago for this week's Classic Rock Pick!