Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones said he's lost interest in his band’s music and doesn't listen to any other punk either.

But he insisted he remained proud of his group’s achievements, as illustrated in the new TV series Pistol, based on his 2016 memoir Lonely Boy. And just like former bandmate John Lydon, he said he has no problem with the celebrations surrounding the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the British throne.

“I don’t particularly listen to punk rock anymore,” Jones told the Associated Press. “My musical tastes have changed a lot over the years, you know, and I’m 66 years old. I’m not a kid anymore. I think it would be a bit silly if I was still flying that flag. ... I like Steely Dan. Is that bad?”

He described the ‘70s punk movement as “an important time in music” and said he was “glad it happened,” noting that "because it made people think … ‘Well, I can do that.’ Prior to that living in England, you didn’t have many options."

Asked about the four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations currently underway in many parts of the U.K., the Los Angele-based musician said: “I’m not against it. I see all the flags are up everywhere. I mean, it’s entertaining stuff. Tourists just absolutely love it.”

And on the subject of a potential Pistols reunion to mark the Queen’s 75th anniversary in 2027, Jones admitted: “I can’t see it. But you never know, man. This band – you never know.”

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