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When I started putting the lights and decorations outside for Christmas two weeks ago at our house in Endicott, I had to take the Halloween decoration pictured above down off our chimney to hang up a huge wreath that's wrapped in lights.

When I took the Halloween decoration down I put it on one of our swing chairs on the back porch. When Chris came home and saw it sitting there, she said we should get  a Santa hat for it and leave it sitting on the swing through Christmas. We both kind of laughed it off and then we tucked him away in the garage.

This morning I saw an article in the New York Post where people are using their giant 12 foot skeletons that they bought from Home Depot as Christmas decorations. And one went as far as to make it a Thanksgiving decoration by turning it into a 12-foot pilgrim skeleton. When these $300 decorations first went on sale at Home Depot, there was a huge demand for them. They were so popular that Home Depot
could not keep them in stock. Plus, with the skeleton being 12 ft tall, I'm sure it's not the easiest thing in the world to store. So why not get your money's worth out of it, right?

One family went as far as to use the skeleton to make a skeleton family decorating their Christmas tree in the front yard. The 12 foot skeleton stands behind the tree holding the lights, while two four or five foot skeletons are busy putting ornaments on and tucking the lights into the tree. Another one stuck a light up candy cane in the skeleton hand and outlined the skeleton in Christmas lights. They also topped off their decoration with a Santa hat.

Check out the pictures from the New York Post here

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