I was on the air Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning so I didn't get a lot of extra sleep like I would have if I was off call three days. On Thanksgiving any other year, I would have been in Carbondale with my family for Thanksgiving dinner, but instead we had Chris's son (my stepson) Ian and his father over for dinner.

We all had a good time. We ate way too much and then sat around and watched football. John, Ian's dad, left shortly after the first football game to go to a friend's house. Chris, Ian, and I played a game of 500 Rummy, and then a couple of board games while watching the Dallas Washington game. After a few games, Ian decided he was going to head to his father's house for the night.

Friday after I got off the air, I put up my sports Christmas tree in the Freezone Bar and Grill in the basement of my house. It's a 1965 or 67 artificial Christmas tree that Chris's father bought when she was very young. It's one of three trees we put up every year.

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We put it up in the bar in the basement every year. It's covered in lights and has ornaments from every NFL and NHL team, as well as other sports ornaments. There are a lot more Eagles ornaments on it than any other team, but Chris is also a Bills fan, so there's probably three or four those ornaments on the tree as well. Then I strung lights going all the way around the ceiling of the bar and over the doorways like I do every year. After we had dinner, we settled in to watch It's A Wonderful Life in the glow of the Christmas lights in the bar.

Saturday after I got off the air, we did some shopping and ate some more leftover turkey. Sunday after church we went out for breakfast, and then had a small group of friends over to watch football. So even though I couldn't be with my family, it was still a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours as well.

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