Jim Free
Jim Free

When I went to pull into my driveway in Endicott yesterday after leaving work here at The Whale, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get in. The plows had built a wall of snow, three feet high in the approach of my driveway. I have a big SUV and I still thought “I might not get through this”. I’m glad the snow was light. I hit the gas and puff, the snow flew up, onto my hood and over the top of my UV. I had indeed made it through. As I was going down my driveway, I could feel the snow hitting the bottom of my Pilot. I pulled into the carport, got out and looked and it looked like a plow did a really crappy job plowing my driveway, but that was just my bumper and the grill of my Honda moving the snow. The picture above is my neighbors SUV. I share a driveway with her. I went inside, put on snow pants, boots and a ski mask, and I went out to fire up the snow blower.  I was out there for about 3 hours. I had to do my driveway twice because of the depth of the snow. It was over the top of my snow blower. I did a neighbor’s driveway and a couple of sidewalks for other neighbors. When I returned, my driveway needed to be done again. I decided to wait a few hours. I went back outside around 6 and was out there for another 2 hours doing all the driveways and sidewalks I had already done, plus 3 more. When I got back to my driveway, It looked like it needed to be done again. I called it a day. I went in, took a shower and jumped into bed.
So just how much snow did we get? As of 9 this morning there was a report that Endwell had 35.3 inches. (Close enough to be called three feet in my book). The national weather service at the airport said we had 31.3 inches. So far this season, we are at 123.7 feet, that’s three feet, six inches from a new record. We did set a record in Binghamton for the most amount of snow to fall in 24 hours with 31.3 inches. Last year our snow total for the whole season was only 32 inches.

I don’t know about you, but my shoulder is killing me from all that snow blowing. But, it’s nothing that a few cold beers can’t fix.

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