When I first started here at the Whale, March 1st, I was given a clean, freshly painted office with new carpeting. I'm not sure I want to know why they had to replace the carpet after the last guy left. I had a huge brand new desk, bookcase, laptop and stereo in there. It was nice until I opened it at 4:30 Friday morning. I opened the door to find a white substance all over my desk and laptop. It looked like a vanilla shake exploded and dried on my desk.

Doug Mosher

It turns out, that's not what it was. My office is actually under the sidewalk outside of our building. Under the sidewalk....is that safe? Anyway, with the snow melting, the water somehow got into the ceiling in my office and then what happened is anyone's guess. Mine guess is, the water was in the ceiling tile, froze and then melted and came through the ceiling tiles. The landlord is working on the problem and says I should have my office back soon. I hope so. Right now my desk is out in the hallway and I feel like I'm in grades school all over again.