We actually have two snow blowers, the older one is a 10 horsepower snowblower and the other is I believe a 7.5 horsepower. Friday night, knowing that we're about to get hit with some snow on Saturday, we gassed up both snow blowers, started them up and ran for a little bit so they would be ready to go Saturday.

Saturday we were watching the snowfall until about 7:30 or so when we decided to go out and start snow blowing the neighborhood. And when I say snow blow the neighborhood, I pretty much mean we snow blow the neighborhood in our little part of Endicott.

We go up and down the sidewalk and help out all our neighbors who don't have snow blowers and even those who do have a snow blower who haven't made it outside yet to take care of their property.

I really don't mind doing it, I actually enjoy it. It's a great workout and I really like helping people. Besides I have my earphones in and I'm listening to the Whale while I'm doing it, so it's no big deal.

Over the summer we had both snowblowers tuned up and we had all the belts replaced so we were pretty confident we would make it through the winter without any issues. We were wrong.

Saturday night Chris took the smaller of the two snow blowers and headed down the driveway. I took the big beast, the older of the two snow blowers and made my first pass down the driveway. I made it all the way to the road when saw something in the road that looked like a fan belt. That's when I realized the auger handle was all the way down. The brand new belt broke.

So I had to bring the snowblower back to the garage, shut it off, and get out a shovel. We did most of the snow clearing with the snow blower and we're still able to take care of a lot of our neighbors over the weekend, but it just took a lot longer with only one snowblower.

The repair shop is supposed to pick up the beast tomorrow. Such is my life.

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