Well, my theory about buying a new snowblower (my first) just after a snowstorm early in January went out the window last week. It had been about two months of just a few light snow events, none enough to warrant firing up a snowblower.

My thought was that when, after decades of shoveling snow, I would buy a snowblower and there would be no more major storms for the season. But last week blew a hole in that theory with not one, but two storms, thaw warranted me getting out my shiny new snowblower.

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I have to confess, it was a lot of fun. Like a kid with a new toy. It took a bit to get used to my new snowblower, but I got the hang of it. Although I did plaster the side of my house and my van a couple of times when I wasn't paying attention and had the shoot aimed too high.

Speaking of snow blowing, over the weekend, I was sent a YouTube video of local resident snow blowing his driveway and sidewalk, and while that doesn't seem like anything to make note of, if you were passing by, you would have thought Gene Simmons from Kiss was here on Saturday, snow blowing a residential sidewalk in Endicott. Check it out below.


It wasn't really Gene, but it was classic just the same. The Gene Simmons look was spot on. And if that wasn't cool enough, the real Gene Simmons commented when WBNG-TV's Howard Manges sent a tweet to Gene.

Kudos to Tommy from Endicott for making my day with a laugh and what a great idea it was dressing up as Gene Simmons while snow blowing around his property. And thanks to his wife Heather for sending us the video and tweet (and I assume she took the video as well!)

[via YouTube, Twitter]

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