Remember where you were one year ago today? Do you remember what you were doing? My guess is you were shoveling snow or watching The Weather Channel. One year ago today Winter Storm Stella pounded the Binghamton area. Parts of Endwell ended up with more than 3 feet of snow. Snow fell for hours, coming down at a rate of over three inches and an hour at one point.

I remember driving to work that morning and the roads were snow-covered but not too bad. I walked out of the studios here at Town Square Media on Court Street in downtown Binghamton and it looked like a ghost town. It was eerie like the apocalypse happened and I was the only one who survived it. Driving home from work that day at about 2:30 in the afternoon was no picnic. There were cars stuck on just about every side street. There were people walking down the middle of the street which wasn't helping those of us that were struggling just to keep our vehicles on a straight path. When I finally got to my house in Endicott, my driveway was blocked by a three and a half foot wall of snow from the plows driving by all morning. I had to use my SUV like a battering ram to plow through the wall of snow, just to get my car off the street.

Below is my blog from the day after featuring the local accumulation amounts. Also below is my video of downtown Binghamton during Stella. Check it out. It was at 12 noon. Usually, there are hundreds of people in downtown Binghamton at noon running somewhere to get lunch. In the video, I think I caught the only six people that were out and about near the corners of State Street and Court Street in downtown Binghamton

It's only been a year so far, but I don't think I will ever forget Stella.


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