It was four months ago today that we were hit with the blizzard. It was a Nor'easter called Stella. It started late night on the 13th. And didn't stop till the 15th. It set the all time one day record for snow fall at the Binghamton Airport. Businesses and schools were closed for days. Snow at one point was said to be falling at four inches an hour.

I remember getting the snowblower out at around 2 in the afternoon. The snow was a good six inches or so over the top of my snow blower so while it was shooting the snow out of the machine, another six inches of snow was just falling over the top of it causing me to do the driveway twice. I was outside for at least four hours for shift one.

After going in the house and eating dinner while watching The Weather Channel for a while, I went back outside around 8 pm and had to do it all over again. I remember looking at the radar on my phone at one point, it was so red it looked like it was black. That must have been when it was falling at the rate of four inches an hour.

After going to work on Wednesday the 15th, I had to get the snowblower out again to clean the freshly fallen snow and all the drifting snow.

In total, we had about three feet of snow on average throughout the Binghamton Area with Endwell getting hit the hardest with almost 40 inches of snow.

Now it's July and it's supposed to be sunny and warm to the point where we can look back at all the snow and laugh. But with all the rain, we can't really enjoy this weather either. Besides, with all the shoveling and snow blowing we did this winter, I don't think anyone would be laughing about it anyway.

Here is a video I shot of Downtown Binghamton around 12 noon on March 14th.


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