Polls open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. June 22 for Primary voting in New York State.

New York is a closed system so only people registered to parties with candidates seeking individual nominations can vote. In Broome County there were 12 petitions filed with the Board of Elections for Family Court Judge on the Republican, Democrat and Working Families Party tickets. Some of those candidates file with more than one party.

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Peter Charnetsky, Mara Grace, Sandy Monachino, Joshua Shapiro and Timothy Thayne are on the Democratic Party line. Grace, Monachino, Shapiro and Thayne are also filed on the Working Families party lines.  The Republicans vying for the two family court seats are Brian Kinney Junior, Marc Latini and Sandy Wasson.

Elsewhere in the State, the heated race for New York City Mayor is being closely watched with voters in the city allowed to rank their preference of candidates, picking their most favorite to least favored choice on the ballot.

The contest for Mayor of Rochester is also drawing interest as Mayor Lovely Warren and City Councilman Malik Evans square off for the Democratic Party nomination with Warren under a cloud of controversy concerning criminal allegations against her estranged husband. Timothy Granison is charged with being part of a drug distribution ring in the city. Warren is not charged in the federal investigation.

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