Father's day is this Sunday. And if your father was like my father, every time he tried to fix something, he would have me help or just watch so I would learn how to do things. Some things I picked up on, other things, not so much.

I found a survey online this morning from SWNS Digital that listed the most common practical skills that our dads taught us. Finishing on top of the list was how to grill meat or cook dinner. That was followed by how to put up a tent, and how to tie a necktie. See the rest of the results here.

Then the New York Post released the findings of another Father's Day survey  that shows the father skills that have been handed down from generation to generation are starting to drop off. 32% of millennial dads admitted they don't even own a hammer. Only 63% they can change a flat tire and only 63% said they knew how to jump-start a car. You can read more head-scratching results on that survey here.

I learned a lot from my father including how to change a tire, how to catch and throw a baseball, how to tie a tie, and how to cook eggs just to name a few things.

The most important things he taught me were to have respect for other people and help people whenever I can.  He taught me right from wrong, he taught me Golden Rule, and he taught me to do the best I can with whatever it is I'm doing.

I am very grateful for everything my father taught me. I wish he was still here so I could tell him that in person.

Happy Father's Day in heaven dad!

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