January 7th, this coming Monday, is Russian Christmas. It's also known as Julian Calendar Christmas, Eastern Orthodox Christmas, and other people call it Little Christmas.

Years ago I dated a woman who celebrated Russian Christmas. When she first suggested that we celebrate Russian Christmas instead of regular Christmas I was against it. But then I realized that I could take advantage of all the after Christmas shopping sales so I went along with it.

It was awesome. One year, we even went out and bought a real tree the day after regular Christmas at a roadside tree stand. And if I remember correctly, we paid $10 for the tree. Two days earlier it was going for 40 or 50 bucks.

Clothes at the stores were about 50% off, toys were on sale too as well as Christmas decorations. You can buy new Christmas decorations for around 70% off the week after New Year's if there's anything left. And a day or two after Christmas, wrapping paper is around 75% off. Not to mention the stores aren't as crowded after New Years either.

As time went on we started celebrating both Christmases, splitting the presents over the two different days.

If you celebrate Christmas this coming Monday, I hope you have a Merry Christmas. And I'm envious of all the money you saved.

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