How many times are you driving down the road, even here in Binghamton, and you see a car packed so full of stuff, you wonder how the driver can even see out the windows? What would you think if you saw this?

I found this strange but true story this morning and didn't have time to talk about it on the air, so I decided I would blog about it. This happened over in Spain. CNN reported that police pulled over a compact car that was packed from floor to ceiling with an endless supply of oranges. They pulled over another car that was right behind the compact car that was also packed full of oranges. The five people that were in the two cars, claimed that they had been out on the road all day and they were buying oranges along the way. But the cops knew better. It turns out the people had stolen oranges from a company, so they were all arrested and charged with theft. According to CNN, in all, the two cars were hauling four tons of oranges. Click on this link to the CNN website to see the pictures.

[via CNN]

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