I think everybody has had some kind of nightmare about their job. I know when I first started in radio, I would get really nervous every time it came to talk on the air. It took months to get over that. That kept me awake at night for a few weeks but the radio nightmares continued on for years to come.

I would always have a dream about pushing the play button on the CD player and having nothing happen. Dead air! I would turn the mic on to talk until one of the songs would start playing. Keep in mind, back in the days before computers, you would have turntables and then in the late 80s through most of the 90s, you had CD players. I had nightmares where I had both turntables cued up ready to go with songs on them, and I had each one of the three CD players cued up with a song ready to start and I could not get any of them to play. Just then, I would look up and the door would bust open and the boss would be standing there giving me this dirty look like he was going to rip my head off if something didn't start playing. He would say stuff like; 'you suck, I'm going to fire you'. In my dreams, he never believed me when I told him it was the equipment and not me. Radio nightmares, I think everybody that has ever worked in radio has had similar if not the same nightmares.

This morning, I tripped on a new survey on the BroBible website. It was all about nightmares people have regarding their jobs. Brobible listed the top eight most common work-related nightmares. Number one was having sex with a co-worker, that came in at 60%. Like I said on the air, how ugly must that co-worker be? Unless was non-consensual in your dream, or if it was someone of the same sex and you're not into that. Being late finish second with 48%. Other highlights on the list we're being naked at work, fighting with your boss and 4% of people said their nightmare involved them killing their boss. That would be kind of hard to explain to your boss' boss I'm sure. No Christmas bonus for you. Check out the full list of work-related nightmares on the BroBible website

[via BroBible]

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