Well, this is good news. According to the New York State Governor's website, Andrew Cuomo signed into law that gives park rangers, forest rangers and conservation police officers permission to carry and administer if necessary, EpiPens in New York State.

Since the pandemic, I believe more and more people are spending more time outdoors. We've seen a huge increase in people camping, buying camping equipment and even travel trailers and RVs.

And there are those who have certain allergies that can be triggered while enjoying the great outdoors, including food allergies, bee stings, insect bites and exercise induced shock according to the New York State Governors' website. EpiPens are used for treating allergic reactions, and when you are nowhere near a medical facility or emergency personnel, it can be a life saver.

My wife is allergic to bee stings, and we have had to use an EpiPen a couple of times before heading off to the hospital. The New York State Governor's website states that one in fifty people in the United States are affected by an allergic reaction.

Bee stings never used to bother me. Until last year. While I was clearing out some items from underneath my camper, I pulled out a beat up tarp that I unknowingly knew, had a Yellow Jacket bee's nest. I couldn't run away fast enough to escape the bees, and ended up with about 8 or 10 stings from head to toe.

Unfortunately, we didn't have an EpiPen, but it would have come in handy. Fortunately, emergency personnel showed up quickly, since I experienced an Anaphylactic shock three times, before being transported to the hospital.

I think this new authorization for New York State Forest Rangers, Park Rangers and Environmental Conservation Police Officers to administer an EpiPen to anyone who experiences an allergic reaction is a very good idea. It could save many lives.

via NYS Governor's Website

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