Some New York State lawmakers are proposing legislation to help local boards of election pay for what appears to be two primary votes this year due to the debacle over the redrawing of district maps.


With the new district boundaries thrown out as unconstitutional and being redrawn again, the Congressional and State Senate primary voting is being pushed back to August but the primary for Governor and Assembly is still scheduled for June.

Manning the polls costs local boards of elections tens of thousands of dollars for each voting day.

Legislation introduced in the past few days by some Republican state lawmakers looks to offer financial help to the local boards while not much can be done to help an on-going problem with localities having enough volunteers to work the polls during normal years.

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New York State Senator James Tedisco of Schenectady, Senator Edaward Rath of Amherst and Assemblyman John Salka of Madison County are proposing the “New York State Gerrymander Failure Assistance Act.”  The Senators and Assemblyman are proposing the state cover an estimated $25-million in the unfunded mandated cost of holding the additional primary.

The three Republican/Conservatives are in favor of a consolidated August 23 primary, a move that is not supported by Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul or the Democrat-led legislature.

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