Well as you know for the New York State Golden Snowball competition between Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester and Binghamton, we (Binghamton) are currently on top of the snowpile with that honor for better or worse.

National Weather Service Eastern Region Twitter page,

Dosen't that just make you want to go out and celebrate with your favorite brand of alcohol? It does for me, and I could use a lot of my favorite spirt. The National Weather Service lists our snow total  at 90.4 inches as of Sunday February 21st. And we've recieved more snow since then, so that total is even higher. Our normal snowfall total by this time of year is around 59.6 inches. I guess we got that beat quite handily.

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The city with the second most snowfall so far this winter season for the Eastern Region of the United States is Caribou, Maine with 74.5 inches according to the National Weather Service. It's interesting to note that Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse come in at third, fourth, and fifth respectively on the list for most snowfall this season.  Albany ranks at number 14 with 52.4 inches of snow.

Worchester, Massachusetts is having a banner year coming in at third place right behind Caribou, Maine, with 68.8 inches of snow so far, compared with a normal average of 46.4 inches by this time of the winter season.  And just an hour south, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area weighs in at 50.2 inches, which is almost 20 inches more than their normal amount at this time of year.

As I looked over the list, the city on the bottom caught my eye. Savannah, Georgia comes in dead last at 0.0 inches of snow so far this season according to the National Weather Service. Oh to winter in Savannah. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

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