So, take that Buffalo. And you too, Syracuse. So much for either of you being the cities with the most snowfall.  At least for now.

Oh wait, is that really a good thing? I guess it depends on your perspective. Have you heard of the Golden Snowball contest? Well, it does exist. The website is, and it's a contest between five upstate New York cities, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Binghamton as to which city ends up with the most amount of snowfall in a season.

The winner for the 2019-2020 winter season was the city of Rochester according to The Golden Snowball website. Most years, I figured Buffalo would come away as the winner since they seem to have a lot of heavy snowfall events and are usually the first city of the five to experience snow each year.

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So, I checked the archives from 1940 to 2019 on the Golden Snowball website and if I counted correctly, Buffalo won the honors 15 times. But the city was not the one with the most number of years for the most snowfall. That honor goes to Syracuse winning the award 49 times.

Binghamton was won the award four times, most recently for the 2016-2017 season. But guess what? Binghamton is currently in the lead for the 2020-2021 winter season. Isn't that awesome? Well, it doesn't exactly make me happy. I'd rather have little to no snow if I had my way.

The totals as of February 15th, according to the Golden Snowball website lists Binghamton on top of the list for the award with 83.7 inches so far. Our average for a year is around 83.4 inches, so we have already reached the average yearly amount with at least a month of winter weather left to go. Buffalo comes in 2nd place currently with 59 inches of snow.

The Golden Snowball website has a lot of interesting numbers to check out, both current and historically. So, yay for Binghamton...I think.

via Golden Snowball

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