This morning I had a strange but true story of a woman who left her four kids alone in Johnston Iowa so she could go to Oktoberfest in Germany. Two of the kids were 12 years old, one was seven, and one was six. She also left them with a gun, I'm guessing for protection. Well, she ended up getting arrested on a bunch of different charges including one for making a firearm available to a person under 21. That's according to the Des Moines Register.

Our Parlor City Oktoberfest is coming up one week from Saturday at Mountain Top Grove. It is a family-friendly event so you can bring your kids with you. As a matter of fact, kids under 13 are free. There will be an area just for the kids where they can jump on a bouncy house and do arts and crafts and stuff. For the adults, there will be craft beers, authentic German foods, Oktoberfest theme contest, and so much more. Tickets are just 10 bucks if you buy them in advance, $11 through our website, and they will be $15 if you buy them at the gate next Saturday. Don't miss our Oktoberfest next Saturday it's going to be awesome.

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