Most regions have their own unique cuisine that out of towners might look at and say, “What the hell is that”? Of course we have our Spiedies but we also have breakfast pizza. Now breakfast pizza might be found in other areas, but I know a lot of visitors to the Binghamton area can’t rap their heads around it. Part of the problem is they think its eggs on a pizza with red sauce. Yeah, I think that would be disgusting too. But our breakfast pizza doesn’t have any sauce, just scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of toppings. I love it with sausage, but bacon seems to be the most popular. Everybody loves bacon right? It’s pretty good with tomatoes on it as well.
My co-workers and I were talking about breakfast pizza on Monday. We decided we would order one on Tuesday. Then Stella came. The pizza place was closed Tuesday and yesterday but today we finally got our fix. I think it tasted better because we had to wait, or maybe just because we were really hungry.
So, what do you think of breakfast pizza? Is there a topping or a combination of toppings that you think are the best? Let us know, because we are already talking about getting another one tomorrow.

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