It’s Hump-day and the three day weekend is in sight. What do you have planned for this weekend?


Most people enjoy the weekend with cook outs, heading out to a lake, or by taking advantage of the extra day off by heading out of town.


I’ll spend the holiday weekend the way I do every year. Doing some work around the house and some yard work, if the weather permits. Having a cookout or two, and maybe having a bonfire on at least one of the nights if the weather cooperates.


Then Monday Morning, like we do every year, my wife Chris and I will go to the Memorial Day Parade in Endicott. The parade marches down Washington Avenue from the I.B.M. buildings on North St. to Memorial Park on Main St. right across from U.E. High School. They have a ceremony at the park every year in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We do this every year because after all, that’s what the holiday is all about.


The highlights of the service for me are when the planes fly over the river behind the high school, and drop flower petals into the river and the playing of Taps. I have to admit, I get choked up when the trumpet starts to play the song.


Whatever you do this weekend, please take the time to remember those who laid down their lives so we can live in a free country. And thank those who have served our country and those that are in the active military. That in itself is a huge sacrifice that we should never take for granted. They deserve our thanks and recognition.

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