The Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. Hard to believe we are almost five months into 2020. While it was a relatively mild winter, spring has been horrible, and not in terms of the weather.

Covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic or whatever you want to call it, these past couple of months have upended us all more than we've experienced in a long time, or ever.

Even though many states are slowly reopening, including New York and Pennsylvania, life as we knew it, will be much different. We will need to continue to practice social distancing, wear masks where it makes sense, sanitize and wash our hands often.

So, when it comes to a holiday such as the fast approaching Memorial Day Weekend, how do we proceed cautiously? It's going to be a challenge for sure. Everyone has different opinions about what they feel is right, wrong and how they are going to go about their daily business.

I've seen it already. People getting closer to others than the six foot minimum, not wearing masks in public places, handling items in stores that they have no intention of purchasing, and it goes on and on.

But on the upside, what are some things we can do on the holiday that will not violate a persons safe space? Is is okay to hold a picnic or barbeque? At the campground where I spend my weekends, holidays and vacations, we must wear a mask when socializing with other campers, keep six feet away and no campsite can have more that ten persons, and they must be family members only.

That's a lot of rules, but it has its purpose. And that's just campground rules. For your own private property, it's your rules. Obviously I'd continue to practice all the safeguards, but there are plenty of activities you and your family or guests can engage safely in.

The most popular of course is cornhole. Who these days doesn't play? Not many, I'm sure. Other games that you can easily participate outdoors safely during your holiday weekend include ladder ball, wiffle ball, maybe toss around a football. Just make sure to sanitize your home sports equipment and have plenty of wipes, etc., for everyone. Or maybe the weekend is perfect to just go fishing?

Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Do it safely, and remember that the Memorial Day Weekend is really about remembering and honoring the sacrifices of our military personnel.

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