If you are a smoker and you smoke Marlboro products, you will either need to find a new brand or quit smoking.

Philip Morris International, owners of Marlboro Cigarettes, announced that they are moving towards smokeless alternatives and smoke-free products such as e-cigarettes, and will discontinue making and selling cigarettes in the future.

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According to Rare's website, Philip Morris will now focus on IQOS. It's a device that heats tobacco instead of burning it. They are hoping that the device will reduce the number of 'noxious chemicals' contained in cigarette smoke by 95%.

Although no date was officially given, Rare quoted CEO of Philip Morris International, Andre Calantzopulous, as saying,

"At the end of the day, the ambition we have is to replace cigarettes as soon as possible, with better alternatives for people who continue smoking".

According to Rares website, less than 15% of the population are smokers whereas 10 years ago, 21% of the population were lighting up.

Health concerns and alternatives such as vaping have contributed to the decline in the number of smokers.

I know first hand how hard it is to quit smoking. I have been an off and on again smoker my whole life.

The price of Marlboro's at my neighborhood convenience store just went up to $10.95 a pack. They were just $10.60 a few weeks ago. I wonder if this new device will make it cheaper to "smoke".

[via Rare]

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