If you were listening Friday morning, you may have caught the interview I did with Endicott native Lisa Stofan.

Lisa told us the story of how she struggled with her weight, and even though she tried diet and exercise many times in the past, she would always go back to her old ways. After being fed up and frustrated by not being able to lose weight, she decided to turn to hypnosis.

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She decided to attend the Mark Patrick Seminars for weight loss in downtown Binghamton last year, and lost 60 lb over 6 months. She decided to try hypnosis because her father used hypnosis to stop smoking 20 years ago and he is still a non-smoker to this day.

Lisa explained how the Mark Patrick Seminars work. She said that the hypnosis helped her to stop craving fast food. She told me you have to want to do it. She said she was at her breaking point and she couldn't relate to the person she saw in the mirror, and that she didn't know how to stop what she was doing.

Knowing how hypnosis helped her day, and that there is a money back guarantee with Mark Patrick Seminars, she knew she had nothing to lose. And she said she would and recommended the seminars to anyone who wants to lose weight or quit smoking.

Mark Patrick seminars will be back in town on Saturday February 22nd. one week from tomorrow, at the Holiday Inn next to the arena. Mark will feature a lose weight seminar and a stop smoking seminar on the same day. Space is limited for both sessions, and you can pre-register by clicking here.

So if you've tried diets and we're unsuccessful in the past, or if you tried to quit smoking and still haven't succeeded, what do you have to lose? It worked for Lisa and her father, it could work for you.

Hear the full interview here, including her response to my question, did he make you cluck like a chicken?

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