From time to time, we hear about a wild animal roaming throughout our community that appears to be rabid. Humans and pets need to steer clear of any wild animals to begin with, rabid or not.

The Chenango County Health Department has offered great advice for everyone about the dangers of a wild animal afflicted with rabies, no matter where you live in New York State or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This not only includes animals like raccoons and skunks, but bats as well.

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The Chenango County Health Department offers rabies tips that you should know and adhere to, including:

Take care of your pets, including getting them vaccinated for rabies and other diseases.

Do not touch wild animals. If a pet has been in contact with a wild animal, be sure to use gloves while cleaning your pets. It is a good idea to keep your pets indoors at night, as well as pet food, to avoid attracting wild animals.

To help keep bats out of your home, seal any openings. If a bat gets in your home, capture it and have it tested for rabies. You are advised not to throw out or destroy the bat.

If you are exposed to an animal or a bat, tghe Chenango County Health Department says to wash wounds with soap and water and seek medical attention.

For more detailed information about rabies and prevention, contact your local county health department. Below are contacts from a few Southern Tier New York and Nothern Tier Pennsylvania county health departments.

Broome County Health Department - 607-778-3930
Chenango County Health Department - 607-337-1660
Delaware County Health Department - 607-832-5200
Tioga County Health Department - 607-687-8600
Bradford County PA Health Department - 570-265-2194
Susquehanna County Health Department - 570 - 278-3889
Wayne County PA  Health Department - 570 - 253-5970

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