Fifty years ago this week, viewers watched the Robinson family blast off into space, with Major West, the Robot, and a stowaway by the name of Smith.

September 15, 1965, started a weekly adventure to alien planets with strange creatures.

"Danger, danger, Will Robinson!", is probably the most memorable catch phrase of the 60’s science fiction television series, ‘Lost In Space'. Even just thinking about the series takes me back to my childhood and memories of the first time I saw the TV trailer.

The synopsis was about the Robinson family traveling to Alpha Centauri to start a colony. I remember I wasn’t old enough to stay up to watch the first season, that had an 8pm start time. The series initially started very dark with an evil Doctor Smith who sabotaged the Robinson family and got stuck on board the ship as a stowaway. This event woke up the family from suspended animation to avoid a meteor shower and the Robot that would have destroyed the ship.

The show lasted only 3 years but remained on TV in syndication for several more.
I was a huge fan growing up and I do own all three seasons on video. They are very campy and silly, but they take me back to a carefree time in my youth. Every now and again I find myself itching to catch an episode.

The show ended abruptly, the plot never having a chance to resolve and bring John, Maureen, Don, Judy, Penny, Will, Doctor Smith, and the Robot back to Earth. I suppose they’re still out there somewhere lost in space!

Check out a few videos from the series:

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