The weekend is here...again. That's a good thing, and of course, it's time for our weekend theme. This week Doug Mosher, Kyle Mills and I were having a tough time coming up with the theme.

Doug wanted a Rolling Stones weekend. Kyle wanted a Led Zeppelin weekend. I wanted a strong drink, because neither of them would shut up. It was only when I took a bite of a candy bar containing chocolate and peanut butter that I came up with a bright idea.

If you can mix those two items together and make it good, then why not Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin? They are two of the best bands in the world, they are from the UK and they have a ton of great tunes.

So, there you have it - A Led Zeppelin & Rolling Stones weekend. Of course then Doug and Kyle started arguing which band should kick off these hourly double-shots. Now I needed 2 strong drinks. The solution was simple. One hour it's Rolling Stones first, and the next hour, it's Led Zeppelin first. Argument over...expect for deciding which of these 2 strong drinks I should chug first.

And you thought being a radio station manager was simple.