I love our weekly Whale Theme Weekend meetings. So much alcohol consumed, um, I mean so many great ideas come about between Doug, Kyle and myself, it's mind blowing. And it you believe all that crap, can I sell you something else?

This weekend, Doug and I decided we would like to highlight music from a couple of years before Kyle was born. We love to get him going every time, although I have to admit, he knows Rock-n-Roll, and he loves to remind us how old we are. It's a win-win for all of us.

Anyway, this weekend, rockin' with songs from 1971 and 1972 in that order, neatly packed into an hourly double-shot is our goal. I think we met the challenge as you'll hear throughout this weekend on 99.1 The Whale. Any questions? Good.

Remember to take us wherever you go this weekend…you can hear us on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at 991thewhale.com and on your mobile phone through our free app – radioPup!